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Django Unchained Putlocker
Django Unchained Putlocker
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  • Directed by:
    Quentin Tarantino
  • Genre:
  • Actor:
    Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Country:
    USA, UK
  • Runtime:
    165 min

Django Unchained Putlocker Storyline:

Watch Django Unchained Putlocker on Putlockersmovie:In Texas 1858, the Speck brothers, Ace and Dicky, drive a group of black slaves on foot. Among the shackled slaves is Django, sold off and separated from his wife, Broomhilda von Shaft. The Speck brothers are stopped by Dr. King Schultz, a German dentist-turned-bounty hunter from Düsseldorf, Prussia, who asks to buy one of the slaves. When he questions Django about his knowledge of the Brittle brothers, a group of outlaws for whom Schultz is carrying a warrant, Ace becomes irritated and aims his shotgun at Schultz in threat. Schultz, a superior gunslinger, immediately kills Ace in return and leaves an injured Dicky at the mercy of the newly freed slaves, who kill him and follow the North Star to freedom., Django Unchained Putlocker, Django Unchained Putlocker.

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